Gillian and Amanda have given us invaluable support with a range of HR challenges, including team restructuring and the resolution of some long standing tricky issues. Their advice is straightforward, structured and consistent, and is focussed on delivering the best outcomes for the school.  We have been able to build an easy rapport with each of them, and they have invested time in getting to know our school, its aims and objectives. Both Gillian and Amanda have come into school on many occasions to support us with consultation meetings, and have liaised with trade union reps on our behalf. This has given us the confidence to address issues that might otherwise have impeded improvement. Having Patch Law in our corner has made a huge difference to the effectiveness of our HR management.

Linda O'Coy | School Business Manager | Milton Park Primary School | Weston-super-Mare

Gillian clearly explained the legal basis for my case, and helped me to identify the key information that would be beneficial. She outlined an overall strategy and the steps involved in working towards it. I felt that the options available to me were explained clearly at each juncture, and Gillian's advice was supportive, confident and realistic. She listened to my opinions and expectations and combined them with her experience to give me a clear idea of all of my options, highlighting our best course of action and the likely result.

Gillian was never out of touch for long, and set deadlines for each course of action. Emails were prompt and efficient, and phone calls were reassuring and allowed in-depth discussion. I will be forever grateful that Gillian kept me strong when I felt ready to give in!

Costs were very effective from my point of view, and it seemed that fixed-price agreed fees always worked very much in my favour. Gillian never let this arrangement alter the level of service I received and I felt it was extremely good value for money. I was also very impressed by the contribution from my employer that Gillian negotiated. 

This was my first experience of using a solicitor and I was very pleasantly surprised by Gillian's transparent pricing and commitment to my case.

I cannot thank Gillian enough! This could easily have been one of the lowest times of my life but her support made it into an experience that has made me stronger, braver and wiser. She gave me realistic expectations, listened closely to my wishes, gave great advice, cut through the legal-speak of my employer's lawyer and - most importantly - kept me focussed and positive when I felt like giving in. 

I hope that you've been a HR hero for many more people!

Senior Account Manager | Bristol

The service I got was impeccable.  Gillian gave very clear, concise and accurate advice at all times.

Bid Manager | Chepstow

Excellent overall experience.  I would definitely recommend to family, friends and work colleagues.  Very clear and practical, communications could not have been more prompt.

Senior Account Manager | Weston-Super-Mare

Thank you for the speedy and efficient advice, much appreciated.

Senior Business Development Manager | Reading

I’d recommend Patch Law to people I know without hesitation.  Gillian responded quickly and efficiently to my issue.

Higher Education Manager | Bristol

It was great working with you.  A huge thank you for all your guidance and help.

Senior Events Manager | Bristol

The advice I received was very clear and simple to understand, but more importantly, honest and frank, allowing me to understand clearly my position.

Gillian was excellent from start to finish and extremely personable to deal with, but also clearly very experienced which gave me confidence throughout the process that she was always acting with my best intentions and position at heart. Thanks for all your help. You have been brilliant.

Operations Manager | Bristol

I would recommend you without hesitation. You were dedicated, diligent, knowledgeable and professional but also extremely kind and caring.

Whenever I was having a melt-down due to the extreme pressure and stress, I knew that if I phoned you; you would put things into perspective and give me the advice/information I needed. I never felt silly asking you questions the answer to which I am sure would be obvious (but not to me).

I could never have anticipated how acrimonious, angry and protracted this case was going to become and I could never have coped with the levels of stress and anxiety if it hadn't been without your help, re-assurance and dedication, which didn't lose momentum right up to the very end.

The advice I received was clear, concise and balanced with all the pros and cons, so I was left in no doubt as to what would be the best decision.

I always found you easy to get hold of either by phone or email. The most important thing being that if you said you would get back to me on a date/time you always did.

Your communication was clear and easy to understand and if I didn't understand anything, you always put it in layman's terms.

Secretary | Bristol

Thank you so much for all your work on my case, and I am delighted to have achieved this outcome. I very much hope not to be needing your services again myself, however I would not hesitate to recommend you. I have really valued your wise counsel over the last few months.

I was well informed and prepared throughout, and I received wise and considered advice and guidance through what was a very difficult period for me.  

Excellent value for money, and Gillian’s help in keeping costs to a minimum was much appreciated.

Business Development Manager | Bristol

Gillian was exceptional in helping my issue with the company and supporting me personally. I needed a good and knowledgeable friend. You came well recommended. I would wholeheartedly endorse that recommendation both personally and professionally.

Accountant | Bristol

The advice was very clear and easy to understand. Gillian did her best to use easy words to explain concepts that otherwise would have been a little complicated to get. She answered emails and phone calls immediately and very clearly, even during the whole Christmas and New Year period.

Pharmacist | Kingswood, Bristol

I really do appreciate all the work you have done for me. I would be delighted to recommend you to anyone in the future who needs a skilful person regarding the 'minefield' of employment law. Thank you for all your patience, skill and knowledge.

Gillian’s concise explanations were pitched perfectly for a gardener. A new experience for me but I am in awe of Gillian’s skills.

Gardener | Somerset

Gillian immediately grasped the details of my situation and advised me accordingly, even though I was feeling rather stressed and therefore unable to express myself very coherently at a difficult time.  Extremely prompt communications and excellent value for money.  I have already recommended Patch Law to a friend for their excellent service.

Head of Policy | South Gloucestershire