Discounted Fixed Cost Initial Telephone Consultations

For many employee clients, instructing a solicitor is unfamiliar territory.

You may be reluctant to spend hundreds of pounds before you know whether you have a case worth pursuing.

But you have a problem at work, or have been dismissed, and need some guidance as to your options.

Our Discounted Initial Telephone Consultation service provides you with:

•  a session of up to 45 minutes discussing your problem and giving you guidance on your options for addressing it

• 30 minutes for us to look at any key relevant documents you wish to send by email in advance and/or provide a follow up email summarising the guidance given

This is provided for a discounted Fixed Cost of £145 plus VAT

Our aim is to make affordable high quality legal advice accessible to you quickly.

You will get clear, jargon-free, honest and practical advice, so that you have a better understanding of your situation and your options at an early stage.

In order to streamline our admin processes, and get you access to the advice you need quickly, we need you to:

1) Read and accept the Terms and Conditions specific to the Discounted Initial Telephone Consultation service.

2) Provide us with your name, address and contact details, and name of your employer and any individuals or other businesses who may be connected with your issue (so that we can check we do not have a conflict of interest).

3) Tell us when you will be available to have the Consultation (we can offer ‘out of hours’ appointments).

You can do all of this by completing the easy to use contact form below: