Specialist Employment Solicitors


Specialist Employment Solicitors

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Please call or email us to find out how we can help you further.

Call: 0117 908 7234


Address: Patch Law
                 Station Road Workshops
                 Station Road
                 BS15 4PJ

Client meetings can be arranged by appointment at our Station Road offices or, for employer clients, at your premises.

We offer you the option of face to face meetings or telephone consultations or a combination of both, according to your preference.

The Station Road offices are conveniently located just off the Avon Ring Road (A4174), towards Staple Hill, with ample parking.  If you need more detailed directions to help you find us please let us know.

Get in touch. We'll be pleased to contact you - with no obligation or charge - to see how we can help.

When your form is submitted you will receive an automatic email from Patch Law confirming receipt.